About us!

How it all started

Making of The Green Collective SG

Our Story

The idea came up at a meet-up amongst sustainable business owners in January 18. We experimented with a pop up for 3 month in April, and were so thrilled with the response that we signed a long term lease with Kinex Mall for a much larger unit taking over the central atrium. Danielle, Agy, Mayur and Adel co-founded the Collective and registered the business in July 18. The first 3 are now running the show.

The Concept

2018 was the Year of Climate Action and 2019 is the Year Towards Zero Waste. These campaigns and the mushrooming of sustainable lifestyle interest groups on social media have contributed to a rising awareness of environmental and social issues. Combining multiple brands who adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals under one roof provides consumers with a one stop place where starting a journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle is made convenient.

Why Us?

The Green Collective

The Green Collective, Singapore’s first green lifestyle COLLECTIVE. A brand new space where over 35 homegrown eco-brands team up to launch a multi-brand concept, experiential boutique at Kinex Mall where a cool and unique retail space flirts with an even cooler co-working/workshop area in a 2500+ sf swanky, airy, custom built, central atrium unit. A distinctive community vibe where green minds cooperate to facilitate the population’s transition towards a greener lifestyle by providing retail, information, services, education and hands-on experiences.


The Green Collective is not your typical retail store but a Collective where all members are actively involved. We are different and unique. We even admit it’s a bit overwhelming at first, and take some getting use to but we promise you, it is worth the initial bumps and we are there to make your transition as smooth as possible. 

- Located at Kinex Mall (Formerly Known as One km)
- B2B opportunities via The Collective  
- 2500+sf of retail and social space 
- Efficient Social Media with high engagement 
- Co-working space with free WIFI
- Increased brand visibility 
-Professional workshops for partners
- New brands “retail incubation”
-Professional business development talks
- Business performance guidance
-Workshop space for you to host
- Unique concept in SG
- Now a Pte Ltd