Kaki is a Singlish expression of Malay origin meaning close friends or buddies while a Kampung is a traditional village and an important part of Singapore's treasured heritage. The Kampung spirit refers to a sense of community and solidarity.

Hence, our Collective is affectionately referred to as our Kampung which consists of over 40 kakis who are all eco-conscious entrepreneurs with the common aim of making sustainability mainstream. Did you know our Green Kakis are curated based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? The 17 UN SDGs were developed as a blueprint for a better and sustainable future. People's actions matter, and collectively, we can make tomorrow better than today.

As an impact-driven collective, we want to share with you about the impact created by your purchases. So go ahead, click on the respective UN SDGs — find out more about the exceptional work of our growing Kampung, and how they are working towards creating a better tomorrow!