Our Philosophy

Built with a vision to create a responsible Green Kampung, The Green Collective SG is an ecosystem of Sustainable Brand Owners, conscious consumers and businesses. Working together on a principle of sharing, we are building a community of change-makers who collaborate with each other to simplify adoption of a sustainable lifestyle.

The founders of The Collective, Danielle Champagne, Mayur Singh and Agatha Lee “Agy”, were inspired by the common goals and numerous hurdles young entrepreneurs are facing running their small sustainable business. Similarly to a temple run by local communities, taking part in managing the different day to day duties is a true reflection of community action leading to a true “sharing economy”.

The same sharing principles were applied while developing The Collective as Sustainable Brands, or Green Kakis as we call them, get together to collaborate and empower everyone to ensure
a positive footprint on the planet for all of us.

As a responsible Kampung, we manage the various responsibilities of nurturing, managing and growing The Collective in a collaborative and completely transparent way.


From developing skin issues while Danielle lived in a polluted environment, to nature walks as a young girl that sparked Agatha’s love for the environment, to advice from Mayur’s beloved mother that stuck with him -- these seemingly unlinked elements are the basic building blocks which sparked the birth of what we fondly know as The Green Collective today.

The converging point of Danielle, Agatha and Mayur’s journeys was this: They met obstacles in their paths, while pursuing their common area of passion fearlessly.



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